Queer Writers Chat

We felt that LGBTQIA+ authors needed a safe place to work on our craft in a community geared specifically toward that, so we made Queer Writers Chat! QWC is an open, friendly Slack channel for any LGBTQIA+ writer — published or not, professional or not — to come and share conversation, excerpts, feedback, encouragement, and more. It’s a great place to find beta readers and publication opportunities, ask questions, get inspired with writing sprints, and generally build community!

If you’re interested in checking it out, you feel free to contact @austinchanted or @faerywhimsy on Twitter or email me here for an invite. Also, any member of the Slack can send an invite, so if you know anyone involved you can also contact them for an invite! There’s no gatekeeping involved; you’re welcome to join whether you write poetry, fanfiction, genre fiction, literary fiction, etc.

A note on Slack: Slack is a free web/desktop/mobile app that allows for different topics to be sorted into different “channels”. We like it because individual writers can create their own channels to share excerpts, and the group as a whole can have focused conversations on different topics like writing BDSM, reading, finding betas, etc.