peter darling is now an audiobook

Exciting news! This week Peter Darling was released as an audiobook through Audible. You can listen to a sample on their website.

My narrator, Mark B. Knight, does an especially delightful pirate voice for Hook. It’s still surreal to hear my words being read out loud, but I’m thrilled that Peter Darling is available in such an accessible format.

Speaking of audio—back in March I recorded an episode of The Hopeless Romantic podcast all about the hell process of editing Peter Darling. If you want a behind the scenes look at how the book was made, check it out.

I’ve spent the last month in New York City, getting some writing done and exploring. I’ll be at Flame Con this weekend, selling books at booth D-56 in Artist Alley. Come say hi!

Finally, I’d also like to thank everyone who reviewed Peter Darling on Amazon and pushed it above fifty reviews. The reception to this book has been so overwhelming and good. I appreciate the heck out of all of you, and I can’t wait to share what I’m working on next.


One thought on “peter darling is now an audiobook

  1. Hello! I can’t find the Peter Darling audiobook anymore from Audible (it was there still a few days ago, damn my timing if it has been taken down permanently). Any idea where I could find it?


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